• What’s With These UAPs, Really?


    I’ve seen some pretty convincing arguments that debunk the recently released UAP phenomenon as simple lens effects or glitches in the imaging devices that recorded the video. If it weren’t for the first hand accounts from believable people, who keep their story very consistent, I would tend to lean toward the debunking.

    Yet, I don’t. The stories the eyewitnesses are telling about translucent spheres enclosing diamond shaped objects, backed up by multiple videos, is so strange and mind boggling that it’s scary. And they’re seeing them everyday from jet fighters and even from the decks of ships.

    Military ships.

    I find it hard to believe it’s space aliens. I suspect it’s something coming from much closer to home. Here’s two scenarios that, while still outlandish, I think are actually more plausible.

    It’s Our Own Tech

    How would it be possible that these physics-defying devices are actually made by humans? The answer could be that it’s not designed by humans, but by some top-secret AI that has cracked the code of space/time and we are building and testing them without actually understanding how it works. It’s been widely predicted that this will eventually happen, so what is the stretch in believing it already has, and — because it’s military in nature — it’s being kept top secret? And also because it’s military in nature, it’s being used for military purposes. This would explain why it’s being tested around our own military.

    It’s Alien Tech Under Our Control

    Akin to the previous scenario, perhaps all the stories about Roswell and Area 51 are true, and that we’ve been reverse-engineering alien technology for the past 75 years. This seems very unlikely, maybe even silly, but then again … what the freaking heck are these UAPs? They’re unlikely too, but from what we’re told, they’re real. I think it’s plausible that a UFO did indeed crash, as was originally reported by the military, but then everything was hushed up and made top secret because, you know … weapons development … and now what we’re seeing is our own experiments with this technology. And I feel this is more realistic than these being alien craft flying around because of where they are and how they’re acting. They’re acting like devices being tested, and they’re being tested specifically around our own military.

    Now, my speculations are focused entirely on the videos and information that’s being released, and I’m not taking into account all the other stories and sightings that have happened dating back into history. As far as I know those are just stories. They may have originated from some truth, but there’s no in-our-face evidence of it like there is with these UAPs. But what if we do have extraterrestrials routinely visiting us?

    If They Are Actual Space Aliens, Then They Are Among Us Now

    I don’t say this lightly, and I really don’t believe it. But an extraterrestrial race advanced enough to slip in and out of our atmosphere at a whim, and defy known physics as if they have the Komani code to reality itself, would no doubt have the ability to do just about anything including replicating human bodies and controlling them. If they want to study us, or control us, the best way to do it is to be right here with us. And maybe they’re not in human form. Maybe they’re cats, or dogs. Maybe that stray cat that we sometimes adopt and who is so mellow and hangs around with us all the time … that could be a peripheral to their information gathering network.

    But why would they do this?

    If they were here to destroy us, they would have already done it. It would be so easy. One well-crafted virus would do the trick. They wouldn’t need ray guns or xenomorph infantry. All those Hollywood alien invasion scenarios are ridiculous (except maybe for Invasion of the Body Snatchers). Invasion is the last thing I’d be afraid of if extraterrestrials are actually here. It’s more likely we’re their entertainment. We’re their reality show. If they’re doing anything nefarious, it is more likely they’re the ones stirring us up and turning us against one another, because it’s fun for them to watch.

    But I don’t believe that. I think it’s either we have their technology from a single crashed ship, or we developed it on our own with the help of super-advanced AI. Or…

    It’s all part of one of the biggest hoaxes in history.

    That, for me, would be the hardest scenario to believe. But it’s just as possible.