salvador dalí

  • May I Take Your Order, Please?


    Something I wrote to get my head around a scene that I was working on in Eleven Days on Earth.

    A waiter walked up to the table
    Wearing a suit jacket that was far too small—
    There was no way he could button it, and the
    Sleeves came halfway up to his elbows
    He sported a overlarge red bow tie
    Black curly hair with oil in it, and
    A large, obviously fake mustache
    Which curled in waxed spirals at the ends.

    “May I take your order, please?” he asked.

    Before we could answer
    A nude woman holding a pomegranate, with a
    Bayoneted rifle slung over her shoulder
    And flanked by two huge yellow and black tigers
    Complained that she had been stung by a bee
    And wanted her money back.

    We sat for eleven minutes waiting
    Then realized that ants were eating the silverware.