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  • Obi-Wan Kenobi


    So, what did I think of the Obi-Wan Kenobi series on Disney plus?

    I just finished it. It took a while because I struggled to maintain interest through the first few episodes. Friends had to encourage me to keep going. “It gets better!”

    It did get better. The bond between “Old Ben Kenobi” and young Princess Leia hooked me. As it progressed I saw how they were building Leia’s character toward the one we’re familiar with. Having Darth Vader merge into the story was good.

    Some things that happened made zero sense, but you can say that about all the movies. I enjoyed it nonetheless, but it left me a bit disappointed. It took a while for me to figure out why.

    Here’s what it needed:

    It needed George Lucas to come in and do the final edit and cut it down to three episodes. Compared to the Lucas movies, these episodes plodded along at a painfully slow pace. The part where they were on the refugee ship that was being pummeled by the star destroyer dragged on and on. They should have been dead a dozen times over. It’s like the battle stopped cold so they could have their moments.

    It wasn’t until the last part of the last episode did it actually feel like Star Wars.

    As much as I enjoyed The Mandalorian, it suffered the same uneven pacing, but the Mandalorian was more charming and didn’t feel like Star Wars, so it didn’t matter. It was a spaghetti western in space. Obi-Wan was Star Wars, and it needed that fast-cut Star Wars pacing.

    Disney needs to study the new Sandman series on Netflix to learn how to make a TV series that doesn’t feel like a TV series.