• Eternal Summer Dream


    Creatures of shadow, light and dark,
    Weighing nearly nothing
    Drifting like wind-borne mist
    Past the fitted stone and ancient archways
    The long grass under the tangled branches.

    When the afternoon sun beats down
    With the pressure of a dry August heat
    They rest in a quiet summer dream
    Of past years and childhood games
    Of restless yearnings and the touch of someone fond
    A time spent long ago.

    When the sun drifts down, finally
    They stir in the evening twilight
    And wander aimlessly, sleepwalking
    Dimly aware of who they were
    And what they are now.

    When footsteps quietly come
    To them it drums like thunder
    All still, they watch
    As a young couple wanders
    Arm in arm through the courtyard
    Hardly more than children

    There’s a hush as they pause and kiss
    There’s a rush of life and joy
    Then as the two walk aimlessly along, they follow,
    They follow along, just follow, watching,
    Watching, the night itself watching,
    Just watching

    As the sun brightens the sky
    And as the lovers sleep
    They pause to wistfully touch the life
    So fresh and so warm
    Then drift past the cold archways
    And etched stone
    To the place they lie dreaming
    Just dreaming, holding onto what they’d touched
    Until the sunlight melts it away.