• I Have Joined the Fediverse



    I was a huge fan of blogging on a site called Xanga, back in the days before Facebook. It was a bunch of people who liked to communicate. Lots of interesting characters and boisterous conversations. Alas, when Twitter was a new thing, Xanga got Twitter envy. And also it began compartmentalizing, splitting itself into subject-oriented subsites. It ruined everything and Xanga died. Nowhere else have I found a substitute that had the same rogue air of pure communication that wasn’t jam-packed with spammy fluff until now. So far, Mastodon has that old Xanga feel to it, full of people communicating just to communicate, and that’s why I pulled this website off of Tumblr, converted it to WordPress, and attached it to the Fediverse so it could be part of the rough-and-tumble glorious mayhem I’ve discovered in Mastodon.