• He Likes Bacon


    “I want bacon flavored bacon on my bacon. I want so much bacon flavor that it obtains critical mass. I want it to collapse into a bacon singularity were no flavor can escape.”

    She pushed her glasses down her nose so that she could look over the wire-rimmed frames at him. “That’s crazy,” she told him, “that would leave you trapped inside the bacon event horizon.”

    “That’s where I want to be,” he said.

    “All alone? Forever?”

    “With bacon you’re never alone.”

    “You’re insane.” She crossed her arms and shook her head. “But if that’s what you really want, I can’t stop you.”

    “This is goodbye, then,” he said. “I’m gonna have me some bacon.”

    “Goodbye, moron.”

    He smiled and waved, then stepped into the giant Bacon Accelerator. There was a loud hum, a flash, then he was gone.