Experimenting with Fediverse Comments


My blog “MojoWriter.com” is now connected with the Fediverse, and so these posts will appear in Mastodon (etc.). Now I’ve opened up the comments to see if Mastodon responses will show up on the blog. Supposedly they should, but I had the comment settings set fairly strict, and I think that blocked them. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO HELP TEST, simply leave a comment to this post on Mastodon and let’s see if it shows up on GroovyMojo.com MojoWriter.com. Thanks!

(That was a typo. GroovyMojo.com is another one of my domain names, but not connected to the Fediverse.)



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  1. Jerry Avatar

    Here is a test comment posted on MojoWriter.com … does it show up in Mastodon?

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