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Book Cover Concept for ‘All You See is Light’

This may, or may not, end up being the cover to my upcoming book.

Finished a New Manuscript

Last weekend I finished the first draft of a new novel.

All You See is Light weighed in a 121,343 words, and is connected to, but not a direct prequel or sequel to, Eleven Days on Earth. It’s about a Texan teenager in 1977 who loses his parents to a plane crash, and has to go live with his swinger aunt and uncle in a small coastal town in California. He falls into the midst of a supernatural drama where he’s destined to help a mysterious, angelic woman remember who she is … and when the truth comes out, it puts the fate of the entire world in peril.

I’ve got a lot of rewriting to do, as this is the kind of story where I didn’t really know where it was going … I just let it lead me to where it wanted to go. So the earlier parts of the book will have to be revised quite a bit to support the later parts of the book.

In the meantime it’s sitting and cooling, and I’m plotting out my next one. It’s time to take a break from fantasy and do a fun science fiction comedy.

Update on Dec 21: That didn’t happen. The sci-fi comedy stalled and I began working on an on-again, off-again project (which is now completely on-again, for real this time) — a fantasy called A Wild and Untamed Thing.