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First Draft of Forever and For Always: DONE

I started writing this manuscript on Christmas Day, 2014, and just a few minutes ago I typed “The End”

And now it’s time to take a vacation from writing fiction.

100 Days into the Latest Novel

Today is the 100th day I’ve been working on Forever and For Always.

I started this new manuscript on Christmas day, and just today I crossed the 40,000 word mark. That means I’m averaging about 400 words a day. At this pace, and if this novel ends at the typical 100,000 word mark, I should be finished right around September 1st.

Then the rewriting begins! ON THREE NOVELS SIMULTANEOUSLY. Why? Because they’re all interconnected:

  1. All You See is Light
  2. A Wild and Untamed Thing
  3. Forever and For Always

Being that is my favorite part of the process, I’m really looking forward to it. Let’s see how accurate a prediction this is … I’m actually hoping I finish sooner, as only 46 days ago I began the practice of writing for a solid hour a day.

While that doesn’t sound like much, the practice has actually increased my output because it’s a solid uninterrupted hour a day, every day.

And another novel started!

This one will be easy to track, as far as how long I work on it … being that I am beginning on Christmas day, 2014.

This will be the forth and probably final book set in the same universe as Eleven Days on Earth. It’s also the third book I’m going to write as a first draft without going back to rewrite it. I want to rewrite all three of these first drafts all at once, so that they’re all well integrated into each other — also when they’re all finally done I’ll be publishing them quite close to each other, hopefully building on the momentum of each other.

This one is going to be called Forever and For Always.