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A Blank Page is Daunting

When the specter of endless possibility stands before you, wide open, you realize how little your mind actually is.

Shakespeare Insult Kit

If you’ve always wanted to come up with insults such as, “Thou artless bat-fowling flax-wench!” or “Thou unmuzzled sheep-biting canker-blossom!” then this bookmark is for you…

Shakespeare Insult Kit @

The Strippers … JFK and Stalin?

Laughingly lifted from Language Log.

Eight Stories of Fear and Phobia

Eight horror stories to get you into the spirit of the upcoming Halloween season! One of them is mine. And, you can read them with your eyes closed, because these stories you read with your ears!

I know. Insane, right?






Neil Gaiman on Nerdist Podcast

Neil Gaiman Interview

I’m putting this here mainly so that can easily find it again. This candid talk with Neil Gaiman was so interesting I find myself listening to it over and over again.

I’m an avid listener of the Nerdist Podcast, by the way. You can be too:

Totally love the new little Nook

I’ve been meaning to pop by a Barnes & Noble ever since I’d heard they’d come out with a new monochrome Nook featuring a touch screen interface. Today is the first chance I’ve had, and of course the first thing I had to do is see how my new novel looks:

I think I’ve just found the eBook reader that would cause me to switch from my Kindle. Amazon is lucky that they were first to market and have so many people already invested in Kindle libraries, because they’d lose big time to this little beauty.

Oh, yes, I played with the color one as well, and it’s nice, but I wouldn’t choose that to read novels on, just like as I prefer reading on my Kindle rather than on my iPad.

When a Writer Carries a Camera


It used to be where I kept my webcam, but I was never on it anymore. My photo blog used to be called PhoBloggery, but suites it better. So the two have been consolidated.

Yep, that’s what I do on my day off.