My Whole Earth Existential Crisis

Could it be that those in power are so dead set against fighting climate change because they know it’s already too late, and the worst case scenario (far worse than most people can imagine) is inevitable?

Weird that I have come to this conclusion as I’m usually an optimist, but it makes sense.

If faced with an inevitable 90 to 97% population die-off, what do you do? Whip all the doomed people into a panic?

Hell no.

Placate them. Keep them distracted. Make sure they’re paying more attention to political correctness and social justice and minor temper-tantrum riots than the fact that most everyone will starve, die of disease, suffocate, or kill each other within the next 100 years.


So the upper 1% can very quietly plan and fortify their long term high-tech habitats away from prying eyes. Because they know.

They fucking know.

Some, particularly the high-tech Googly-eyed elite, may have already come to the conclusion that there will be NO survivors. None. Zip. Humanity vanished. And that’s the real reason they are working so hard on developing Artificial Intelligence and self-replicating machines, because they see sentient robots as our surviving children.

This is all just speculation, mind you. Maybe it’s best you don’t believe it. In fact, it is far better that you think it’s all bullshit. Because, really, there’s no point in believing it.

If it’s all true, there’s nothing we can do about it anyway. It’s already too far gone.

Have a beer. Play some Zelda. Kiss someone with all your passion. Enjoy things while you can.

Don’t worry about it.


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