Windows 10 Tablet Finally Useable

Last year, when I was in California for my eldest daughter‘s graduation, I gave her my older camera and my Microsoft Surface 3, then bought a cheap little Digiland Windows 10 tablet for testing.

The thing was pretty much useless, so I barely ever turned it on. I only did so to test a website on the Microsoft Edge browser.

Last Friday I was doing some testing and realized I hadn’t done any Windows updates on it since September 2016, so I brought it home to run updates.
It took it from Friday evening to Sunday morning to finally get all the updates installed.

But the improvements Microsoft has made in Windows 10 tablet mode has sped the little machine up and made it far more useful. I actually enjoyed playing with it this morning.

I only spent $99 on it, and it’s a full blown little Windows machine.

I’m happy to say that Windows 10 is usable now. Too bad it took them this long to finally get it working.

[I wrote and posted this via this little Windows tablet.]

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