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Space Aliens Don’t Have to Bother

A society is like an organism. Very much so.

All the various parts and conflicts mirrors exactly the internal cells that make up, say, a human being. Even the negative, destructive ones are in there. There are stupid cells, smart cells, aggressive cells, passive cells, creative cells, and cancerous cells … everything you’d find in society can also be found, microscopically, in a human body.

Now with the Internet, this organism also has a brain.

Just like in the human brain, you’ll find conflicting emotions, warring ideas, randomness, love, anger, bigotry, art, and beauty.

Humanity is a single giant organism that has covered this planet.

And I have come to the unfortunate conclusion that this organism hates itself.

You’d have to think that another intelligent race, which has been around long enough — and has become sophisticated enough — to achieve interstellar travel, would see us in this way … and want to have nothing to do with us.

In fact I’d go so far as to say that if they had any desire to take over our planet, they’d simply leave us alone and wait for us to commit suicide.

They’d let the place settle for a while, then begin landing and settling the new real estate.