Chaos produces order. Randomness begets meaning.

I’m going to post this here because I consider you a smart bunch of people. I’ll keep it as short as possible because we all have shrinking attention spans.

(I blame you, Internet.)

I write, take pictures, and make videos for a living. I write philosophical sci-fi and fantasy as a hobby. I’ve always been fascinated by quantum physics, but now I’m even more fascinated by chaos theory. Before your eyes glaze over, give me a chance to explain why — maybe it will fascinate you too.

I’m writing a series of realistic fantasy books and one of the characters is the god of chaos. Through this character, in studying to write it with some intelligence, I’ve been led to an amazing fact that is filling me with wonder.

We all spring out of complete and total randomness. Everything that is us and our world, and even our thoughts, are the product of complete and total randomness.

If you can wrap your head around this, you begin to understand that we have a general misconception of what “random” truely is. Apple Computers had to come to this conclusion, oddly, because when they first had a “random” setting on their early iPods people complained that it couldn’t possibly be random because it kept grouping songs together. They had to tweak their “random” algorithm to not be truly random so that it actually seemed random.

I promised I would keep this as short as possible, so I’ll end here, and just let you think about this: what we consider a rational, coherent universe is, at its very heart, complete and total random chaos.

Chaos produces order. Randomness begets meaning.

What does that imply to you?

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