Monthly Archives: August 2013

Sometimes You Just Have to Take a Month Off

I didn’t mean to take a full month off from my novel writing projects, but it just worked out that way. My day job took me to Europe twice, and some major projects I’m working on came to a head at the same time. But things are calming down now, and I found I could pick up right where I left off … with one important difference.


You see, even when you stop writing for a month, your brain is still working on the story. And I had several major parts of the story where I simply didn’t know what to do about them, or how to proceed. I was simply moving forward and trusting my muse to help me along the way.

Well, sitting down at the keyboard this morning, bringing up the current novel project while my laundry downstairs was tumbling dry, and resisting the urge to check social media, I began typing and all those things that were kind of up in the air … were all suddenly solved. The answers just came to me. My muse presented them on a silver platter, ideas far better and much deeper than I’d ever hoped for.

Let me pause here and thank my muse publically for being awesome. Muse, you are awesome. AWESOME. I love you.

So there’s that. After lunch my daughter and I are going with my friend Kellie to shop for apartments, because my current place has decided to raise rent over $125 a month, and … well, time to check out other options. I usually stay in a place at least three years, but this is a strong sign that maybe it’s time to move on.