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The Strongest Coffee in the World

Someone named “Pat” left a link for me on my coffee review website, pointing me to Death Wish Coffee, “The Strongest Coffee in the World.” That was back in April. I made note of it and promptly forgot about it.

Sorry about that, Pat … procrastination and forgetfulness are one of my two strongest qualities.

Last week I went through a purge and refocus, killing off some of the websites I’ve been neglecting and generally lost interest in. I came really close to killing this one off as well, and just moving my blog over to my main website, but … nah. I shouldn’t clutter up my main marketing website with blogging blather. Best leave that where people expect it. came really close to going into the bin as well, but as I read through it, my interest rekindled. Besides, that website is there for a purpose: to get me free coffee and beer.

So I rediscovered the mention of Death Wish Coffee, and followed up. It turns out the owner, Mike, is a really nice guy — and he is quite happy to send me a sample of his killer coffee. And what better way to restart the momentum on a coffee review site than by infusing it with “The Strongest Coffee in the World?”

Indeed. But, why am I talking about it here?

It’s a tip for you: If you really have a passion for something, consider starting a review site around it. At the very least it might get you some free coffee, and you just might end up helping some people.

I’ll let you know when I get the coffee, and when I post the review.

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