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The Strippers … JFK and Stalin?

Laughingly lifted from Language Log.

Eight Stories of Fear and Phobia

Eight horror stories to get you into the spirit of the upcoming Halloween season! One of them is mine. And, you can read them with your eyes closed, because these stories you read with your ears!

I know. Insane, right?






Neil Gaiman on Nerdist Podcast

Neil Gaiman Interview

I’m putting this here mainly so that can easily find it again. This candid talk with Neil Gaiman was so interesting I find myself listening to it over and over again.

I’m an avid listener of the Nerdist Podcast, by the way. You can be too:

Growing Stale

I was making some coffee this morning and noticed that the grounds weren’t bubbling in their usual baking soda + vinegar behavior, which means they’re growing stale and it’s time to roast some more.

Then, standing there pouring the hot water into the French press, it struck me what an odd term that is: “growing stale.” I had to think it through, because initially it seemed conflicting, as “growing” brings the images of plants, greenery, and children marking off inches against the wall year after year. Hard to reconcile with the word “stale.”

But when you look at the true nature of entropy, then no, it’s perfectly logical, but no less magical. We’re all growing into corpses. We’re all growing back to dirt.

“Growing stale” encapsulates a universe-spanning concept in the heart of a innocuous plain-brown-wrapper phrase.

Regardless, it’s time for me to roast some more coffee.