Monthly Archives: May 2011

Human Proof Readers Still Have a Job

This is the way Microsoft would have me write it: “…the girl who’s in charge of all the party favors is going to be upset that you has got someone else’s hat and horn.”

Flesh and blood proof readers, your job is still secure.

Daily Allotment of Creativity?

I’m starting to come to the conclusion that you only get so much creativity per day, and when you use it up, you’re done.

I’ve only vaguely noticed that I have not worked at all on any of my novel manuscripts for about two months. This is odd after nearly three years of working on them at least 3-4 days a week. It’s not that I’ve lost interest in them, I just have been doing other things, and when I finally sit down with time to work on them… I just don’t. Nothing’s left in the brain. I’m creatively tired.

Is that normal?

My day job has developed into this wonderland of creative tasks that I totally enjoy. In fact, the only thing I don’t enjoy is not having enough time to do all the various creative tasks that I need to get done. I know, a good problem to have, right? So I’m not complaining.

Then two nights out of the week I record podcasts, one of which I edit. That is a mass of creative fun. Dare I say I actually enjoy that more than writing? This is why I allow myself to do it — we’re here in this life to enjoy ourselves, and so if I enjoy it, I do it.

That makes me sound hedonistic, doesn’t it? Maybe I am?

But I define myself as a writer, a novelist, an author — and as such I should be authoring. I don’t want to simply be an author who has authored and is now done. I want it to be an active title.

So fate has helped me out, as she has often done, and last night caused me to be sleepy early in the evening, and awake ungodly early this morning. So I rose, ate, sat at the keyboard and — while the day’s allotment of creativity remained untapped — used some of it to do a few hours of authoring.

This used to be my habit but I fell out of it. It was something I used to know to do, but had forgotten.

Rediscovery of the obvious is useful, my friends. Stop laughing at me.

Well, okay, go ahead and laugh. I’m laughing with you.