Lauren DeRosa, the Writer in the Window

Never mind that Lauren DeRosa does her writing in a store front window ... she still uses a typewriter. You go, girl!

This kind of reminds me of my website (which I hardly use anymore … but should). Savannah Georgia area writer Lauren DeRosa has decided to take up residence in a storefront window to inspire her to keep churning out the pages.

I did (and still occasionally do) the same thing via the Internet, but then again, it’s not the same, because she interacts with people and I’m merely on display. Plus, she’s cute, and I’m not so cute. There’s probably a difference there somewhere as well.

If I didn’t have a day job I might do something like this, but the closest I’ll ever get is in the virtual world Second Life, where my avatar will often sit there typing away while I, on the other side of the screen, type away.

Look for “Groovy Greenberg” on Second Life if you ever have the urge to interrupt me while I’m typing. I’d be happy to chat … we writers are always looking for an excuse not to write.

For more information on Lauren DeRosa, see the article in or go to her LinkedIn page.

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