Monthly Archives: August 2009

Worth A Thousand Words


That’s a bumble bee.

I’ve always considered myself a photographer as well as a writer, but I haven’t worked professionally since I was in my early 20’s, where I walked away from a lucrative career as a wedding photographer … simply because the job sucked all the joy out of photography.  The brides never seemeed to get their perfect wedding. Emotions ran high.  And me, empathetic as I am, it turned out to be too tense.  My blood pressure went through the roof.

On and off I’ve flirted with the idea of going pro again.  I’ve done some pro level stuff here and there in my various jobs.  But … no.  It’s just a hobby.  And as long as it stays that way, I’ll enjoy it.

So what does any of this have to do with a bumble bee?  Only this: I took that picture today, just plinking around in my backyard with my new Nikon D5000.  This shot has to be one of the best I’ve taken in my entire life, and I was just messing around.

This camera is awesome.  And I do think I’ll be playing around with it quite a bit from now on.

Novel Writing Is Addicting

I bet a lot of writers would look at this article title and scream, “What, are you insane?”

Some, however, know exactly what I mean.

I swore, swore, SWORE that I would not spend time writing another novel until this last one was sold.  But I’ve finished the 2nd draft of Eleven Days on Earth and now have a swarm of ideas buzzing my head for the next book.

The difference is — and this is the first time this has ever happened to me — I now find myself living in the perfect setting for a story.  My current environment in itself is giving me all sorts of story ideas.  I already have the foundation of a very fun tale sitting right on the top of my brain … much like a cat atop a fluffy pillow.

Meow.  Write me.  Meow.

I may have to give in.  In fact, it would be stupid not to.  You know the saying, “Strike when the iron is hot.”  That translates to writing when the inspiration strikes.