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Teaching Copyright

The RIAA and big media are spreading mis-information about copyright law to kids. The below linked site is funded and maintained by the EFF to teach kids the actual facts about copyright and fair use. This is important information to spread because big media is trying to squelch it.

Pass it on!

Welcome | Teaching Copyright


This is especially disconcerting when it comes to information being shared with youth. Kids and teens are bombarded with messages from a myriad of sources that using new technology is high-risk behavior.

Happy Mother's Day to my Mom

My mom visited me today, in spirit at least.

She wanted to know how I was doing.  I told her that all things considered, everything was fine.  Life is good at the moment.  I’m enjoying this time on Earth.

Toward the end of her life I used to call her on my birthday and thank her for bringing me into this world.  She got a kick out of that.  Now that she’s … well, where ever she is … I’m sure she’s still happy that I’m enjoying the life that she gave me.  That I’m making the best of it, and not wasting it.

I miss her.  I hope she’s enjoying the ever-after.  Out enjoying the drifting beauty of the ether, having a Scotch & soda on a infinite veranda overlooking the rivers of Paradise. 

I got my positive nature and cheery disposition directly from her.

Thank you mom.  Turns out to be the best thing anyone has ever given me.

This Is Why Newspapers Are Dying

I’ve worked as a professional journalist, and I make my living as a professional writer.  But this, below… this quote so irks me that I just have to share it:

“Citizen journalism is no substitute for the work of trained and experienced reporters,” said David Simon, a former Baltimore Sun writer and the creator of the HBO series “The Wire.” “High-end journalism is a profession,” he testified. “I am offended to think that anyone, anywhere believes that American institutions as insulated, self-preserving, and self-justifying as police departments, school systems, legislatures, and chief executives can be held to [account] …by amateurs, pursuing the task without compensation, training, or for that matter, sufficient standing to make public officials even care to whom it is they are lying or from whom they are withholding information.”  – from Good Morning Silicon Valley

  1. Police departments, school systems, legislatures, and chief executives are held accountable by the citizens of this country, not to the press!  This is the most pompous statement I have heard in years, and sums up exactly why “citizens journalism” is needed now more than ever.  Back in 1776 newspapers were run by anyone who bought and operated a press, and that is the “press” that is protected by the US Constitution!  They were “citizen journalists.”  When, tell me, did “the press” become a church with only anointed ones granted this elevated status?
  2. This elitist attitude by so-called professional journalists alienates the readers, many of whom are the “citizen journalists” they so despise.  Know Thy Audience, idiots! You don’t keep your readership by insulting them.  All you get is a big fat “F-U” and the loss of readers.
  3. Newspapers are not dying because of Google.  Newspapers would be in even worse shape if Google wasn’t sending so much traffic their way!
  4. Newspapers are dying because readership is changing and the newspapers are in denial.  Google is handing them business on a silver platter and they’re ignoring it and instead, actually biting the hand that is trying to feed them.
  5. If printed journalism is to survive, and it will, it must adapt to the way their readers are coming to them.

Dinosaurs died because the environment changed and they did not.

Those who own the printed news medias need to learn from the dinosaurs, or they will join them.