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Sumerian Beer Recipe, 3200 BC

Sumerian Beer Recipe 3200bcAccording to the New York Times, you’re looking at one of the earliest known recipes ever written down by man.

It’s for beer.

One of the contentions of the novel I’m currently writing is that humanity’s entire modern civilization owes everything to the discovery of beer, that mankind changed from hunter-gatherers to farmers, and then developed cities and society, specifically so that they could produce beer.  Beer to them was divine and the nectar of the Gods.  It got them buzzed, helped them forget about their worries, and got even the ugly guys laid.

Anyway, I stumbled upon this while doing research and thought I’d share it with you.  The picture links to the article from which I stole it .

Santa on the Internet

santaFor some odd reason I wondered, “What the heck is at” and I typed it in.

Low and behold, along side all the other holiday materialism, I found none other than Santa’s Blog.  I’m not kidding you.  Santa has a blog.

Well, why not?  Everyone else does.

Here’s a snippet of Christmas Eve’s entry:  “Hi Boys and Girls.  At last tonight is my Big Night.  Are you very excited?  Here in the North Pole we are listening to Christmas music all morning, sipping some hot chocolate, and getting ready for the most wonderful and exciting night of the year.”

Well, what did you expect?  It’s Santa’s blog.

At you get a service where (and I do recall hearing about this a few years ago) you hand over some PayPal money and an address or phone number, and someone you choose gets a letter or phone call from Santa. features, what else, a very busy looking kid’s web site that among other things features a computerized Christmas wish list. features a generic link site.  (Shouldn’t that be illegal?  Especially on a .org domain?)  Other stupid link sites include,, and

Speaking of which, is also one of those horrid link sites. takes you to a online Christmas Catalog, aptly named  That is such a bargain basement bin URL that it’s pathetic and sad. takes you to an access restricted video site that, for all I know, houses porn. is 403 FORBIDDEN!

Someone actually owns, which is what I would have used, had I been evil.  Speaking of which, someone also has, but isn’t using it for anything.  It’s an Apache web server running on a Mac.

Last but not least, someone set up, and it’s a virtual Santa’s Village in Adobe Flash form.  Don’t get excited, it’s rather lame.

So, leaving there, I wondered if Santa has a Facebook account.  Well, let me tell you, apparently every shopping mall Santa in the world has a Facebook account.  I didn’t even bother looking at MySpace.

It's 3 degrees outside…

Noname Thank goodness for warm clothes, heaters, and modern society in general.

Having to stay inside a lot is forcing me to work on my novel. Made great progress this weekend.

Go muse!



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