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Music to Write SF&F By

I have discovered the most wonderful set of albums. I don’t even remember where I came across them, probably from someone’s blog. (You know how when you visit someone’s blog and they have some annoying music playing the moment you pull it up, which alerts everyone in the office that you’re goofing off and not actually working? Well, in this case it paid off and I was glad of it.) The music is psychedelic and hypnotic and as intrusive or unobtrusive as you want it to be, which to me is amazing in itself. Now that I have kids living with me again, the television is always on, and the television makes it very hard for me to write. So I put on my iPod and queue up some music to drown it out, but the music can’t be such that it, too, distracts from my concentration.

So thus Shpongle enters my life. I don’t think I’ve been this in love with music since I first discovered Pink Floyd in the 70’s. I stumbled upon it on the net, was completely wowed by it, and went searching for more. It turns out that it’s really hard to find unless — thank God — you look on iTunes.

I know, people who’ve known about Shpongle for years will simply nod at me and say, “Where have you been?”

Well, who knows? I’ve been lost, wandering, searching to be Shpongled for years, and now that I have accepted Shpongle into my life I know that it is everything that hallucinogenic drugs were supposed to be, but weren’t: mind expanding, creativity enhancing, and inspiring. Especially if you’re into writing way out, freaky Science Fiction and/or Fantasy. Which I am.

And so here’s my rave review, years late, but better than never. Shpongle is the bee’s knees.

Surreal Experience…

If you want a surreal experience (without drugs), put on your iPod and take a lonely walk in the woods at night while listening The End by The Doors. Don’t turn the music down, and do not take off the headphones… no matter what you think might be watching you.


So, people do still read this.  [Hi Tim! Hi Alex! And hi Alexandra!]