Well at least I did something creative…

So I get up this morning all inspired to work on my novel, but then see something unexpected and beautiful on my living room wall, and then this happens…


…instead of me writing on my novel.

Bending Phones and Unwanted Music

Something not worth complaining about.I damn near deleted this blog this evening. It came really close.

I was frustrated by all the people out in Internetville spending an amazing amount of time and energy arguing and worrying about expensive phones bending if you’re dumb enough to sit on them, or complaining that a company spent millions of dollars to give them music they don’t want. People, we have a whole lot more important things to focus our brainpower on.

I came out to this humble little blog of mine to vent about this, and then realized how much time and energy I’ve spent here basically doing the same thing. So, in frustration, I thought … this blog is going bye bye.

But I was taking one last look down through the articles still left here (I’ve culled this blog several times, and it needs it again) and realized there’s actually some things worth keeping. I’ve shared some good things from time to time. And while traffic to this blog is only a fraction of what it used to be, there are still people trickling in to read it. And, so…

I didn’t hit the delete button.

If nothing else, it serves as a good reminder of how much I change from year to year.

And, just for the record, Consumer Reports completely debunked this iPhone “bendgate” bullshit.

Also, when someone gives you a gift, the proper thing to do (if you were raised correctly) is to thank the giver whether you like the gift or not.

Promotion & Relocation

Progress on the current manuscript is stalled because I’ve been promoted and am being relocated. I’m now a digital marketing manager at one of the top 50 “most innovative companies” as listed by Forbes (for the forth year in a row). So now my day job is filled with creativity and fun, and when I get home … I lack the energy to work on my fiction.

I’m okay with that, at least for the time being. My day job is rewarding enough. If someone offered a deal where I could give up my day job and write on my novels full time, I’d turn them down. Fiction writing is fun and all, but it’s not really that rewarding, and it’s a lonely process. There’s seldom if any immediate gratification to be had.

Day job: daily gratification. Constantly. And it pays really well.

I’ll continue plodding away on my current book, and I have two more I want to complete sometime within the next few years, and then… I’m good. I’m done.

At least that’s how I feel right now.

Multi-Novel Plotting

I do have to say … writing three interconnected novels all at the same time is rather fun. In the later novels you get an inspiration that affects the other books, and since you haven’t published them yet, you can go in and make the appropriate changes … leaving all sorts of fun clues and foreshadowing that readers will scratch their heads at until they read the next book … and get that wonderful “Aha!” moment.

I also have to say that doing it without using something like Scrivener would have been rather difficult. Not impossible, but not as easy. You’d have to resort to the old fashion method of an entire wall of your abode used as a giant post-it note gallery, with yarn and pushpins to tie the various points together.

Come to think of it, that sounds like fun too.

I doubt my landlord would appreciate 10,000 push-pin holes in one of the main walls of my apartment, though.